- Contemporary -  
Fresh oysters from coffin bay South Australia with mint, green chilli, coriander ponzu 4 each
Eye filet beef sushi with spring onion and Murry river salt 5 each
Crispy chicken wrap with cucumber, carrot & sweet soy sauce 6 each
Fresh scallop carpaccio with orange vinaigrette, basil pesto & tobbiko 17
Spicy prawn with balsamic vinegar and green beans 13
Fresh green salad with sesame soy dressing 11
Salmon carpaccio sea salt lemon juice & basil paste 16
Seared fresh tuna ponzu ginger, spring onion & dukka spicy 18
- Traditional -  
Edamame (boiled young soy beans) 5
Steamed spinach and sesame paste 9
Gyoza (7p) 12
Grilled half eggplant with miso paste and spring onion (v) 15
‘Age dashi tofu' 13
Fresh crab meat dumpling with citrus soy sauce (5p) 14
'Tatsuta age' fried marinated chicken with white kimchi 13
‘Gyunonikomi’ slow cooked beef with ginger and spring onion 14
Grilled king fish cheek with Daikon radish 17
- Sushi / Sashimi -  
Sushi entrée (5p sushi & 2p nori rolls)
Sushi main (10p sushi & 2p nori rolls)
Sashimi entrée (9p)
Sashimi main (18p)
Sushi & Sashimi combination for two or more
(10p sushi, 4p nori rolls &18p sashimi)

Vegetable nori roll (v) (4p)6/(8p)12
Salmon rolls with shichimi chili spice, mayonnaise, fresh local cucumber & avocado (4p)8/(8p)16
- Main -  
Chicken teriyaki with grilled vegetable 25
Grilled Yellow fin tuna grilled steak with wasabi salsa & roasted pine nuts 33
Grilled eye fillet 300g wodonga beef seasoned with teriyaki sauce, spring onion & roasted sesame 35
Roast duck breast, pinot noir orange reduction, finished with extra virgin olive oil 32
Udon noodle in traditional japanese curry broth with zucchini, broccoli and chicken 16
- Sides -  
Steamed rice 4
Radish and cucumber pickles 5
Greens (steamed or salad) 9
Miso soup 4
- Dessert -  
Warm crepe with vanilla bean ice cream, blueberry & honey orange peel syrup 12
Panko crumb fried banana, Ecuador 70% dark cacao chocolate with sesame ice-cream 13
Crème brûlée with seasonal fruit 13
Green tea ice cream 5

Eis Japaneserestaurant / 188 Bridport Street. Albert Park